Nature One, Germany

Nature One is a major music festival held in Germany during the summer. It's 96-hours of non-stop music and fun. Many fans consider it one of the craziest music festivals with people from all over attending. Visitors to Nature One are likely to see scantily clad men and women, people dressed up in animal suits, face and body paint, and a variety of different crazy outfits during the event. It's the type of place where crazy memories are made and stories that people tell again and again occur. Held every year, Nature One accommodates thousands of fans by allowing camping on the outdoor venue's grounds. The venue is an outdoor field surrounded by heavily wooded forest where visitors can set up tents or campers for the weekend.

Because Nature One is such a crazy event, no one under the age of 16 is allowed to attend. The event does have some rules, such as no weapons, drugs, or live animals, but most people are so excited to attend that they don't risk breaking the rules and missing out on one of the best music and dance festivals in the world. With over 15 dance clubs as the event calls them, fans can find everything from trance to techno to house. The clubs are meant to bring together the different genres of music and the people who enjoy it.

The theme of Nature One is "Go Wild, Freak Out!" and the event brings people from all over the world. Some people meet online in message forums or on social networking sites for the event. Others attend Nature One each year, forging friendships based simply on a love of dance and music. This music festival loves to cater to those different relationships that are formed because of the event, whether in person or online. Even though each person has their own tastes in music and dance, Nature One combines the energy and passion that each person has to create an event that's as much about the performers as it is about the people attending.

Some of the artists that can be seen at Nature One include: "Major" Rush and Adam Beyer, Sven Väth, Tiefschwarz, Aly & Fila, Fritz Kalkbrenner, W&W, GTronick, and Paul van Dyk. Some DJ's and performers get their start at Nature One by performing a quick set and exposing their tracks to people who may be unfamiliar with their work. Other big names have never played at Nature One and help draw in the large crowds when they debut at the festival.

While Nature One takes place over 96-hours, fans can choose to attend one day, all days, or come and go as they please with a re-entry band. The venue even offers shuttle services for those who want to go certain places in the city during the day. While the crowd may seem wild and crazy, they're actually a fun-loving bunch who appreciate what the house, techno, trance, dub step, and progressive DJ's and producers bring to the music scene.